SIG's new M400 Varmint (VIDEO)

SIG Sauer is working on a new variant of their M400 AR-15-type rifle for 2013, a precision model called the M400 Varmint.

The Varmint is built around an 18-inch free-floating fluted match-grade barrel with a low-profile front sight block. The stainless steel barrel is threaded and includes a thread protector; it doesn’t come with any muzzle devices otherwise. It has a tube-style aluminum handguard by Hogue with deep textured serrations for a non-slip grip.

The barrel has an 1-in-9 twist for lighter-weight bullets more suitable for small game. Being 18 inches long, we expect projectile velocities to be substantial. SIG promises sub-MOA accuracy on top of that.

SIG M400 Varmint

Shown here with a 22-inch barrel. Final design to include 18-inch fluted barrel.

It also uses a new style of finger groove-free rubberized Hogue pistol grip as well as Magpul’s new MOE fixed stock. One accessory you can’t see is the internal tensioner that removes play or wobble between the upper and lower receiver.

Like the M400, the Varmint is a direct-impingement rifle, unlike the majority of SIGs rifles, including their SIG516, their flagship AR.

Early prototypes of the M400 Varmint used a 22-inch non-fluted barrel. This configuration was pretty similar to their M400 Hunter, so it’s nice to see that they’re going with a design that stands out a little more from their other M400 rifles.

SIG’s been displaying the M400 Varmint with a scope and cantilever mount which will not be included. It will ship with a bare flattop receiver.

The M400 Varmint is priced fairly competitively with an MSRP of $1,384, which translates to a real world price of $1,100-1,200. Other details are a little sparse, like technical specification, weight and all that, but we do know that it will be available starting this April.

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