The NRA keeps a list of anti-gun celebrites. But watch out! They’re armed! (VIDEO)

In truth, it’s not just guns that a lot of celebrities get all hypocritical about. Basically the whole crew of the Hunger Games is anti-archery, Woody Harrelson is pretty cool with the undead, along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost believe it or not, (don’t worry, the kid who played Columbus is a true-blooded zombie shredding machine). The guy who did the voice of WALL-E? Never freaking recycles. Jeff Bridges? Hates bowling. That’s downright un-American.

“Good Will Hunting” hasn’t done math since high school.

Sigourney Weaver’s anti-gun, yeah. Did you know she eats like five gorillas a year? Takes ’em herself—not with a gun mind you. Runs ’em down with a truck, finishes ’em with a ball-peen hammer.

So what if they’re hypocrites. They’re actors. You don’t go to the doctor when your car won’t start. You don’t turn to the entertainment industry when you’re casting domestic policy. Yeesh.

Maybe people shouldn’t make a big deal about this.

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