Taurus M380 Mini Revolver–How to Lighten the Trigger (VIDEO)

Bottom line on the spring swap upgrade is that for the paltry sum of $8.00 and an hour of your time, you can turn a difficult to shoot revolver with an overweight trigger into a thing of beauty that is a joy to shoot. In the video I mentioned that the digital trigger pull gauge maxed out at 14 pounds. It actually has a 12 pound maximum, but I stand by the 14 pound trigger weight estimate since the hammer had not moved even after the trigger had over 12 pounds of force put against it. After swapping out the springs, the trigger is now about 9.5 pounds. It’s far from smooth through the entire trigger pull, but it’s lighter and easier to shoot quickly and accurately. For a smooth pull, consult with your trusted gunsmith. Personally, I’m very happy with the pistol now after changing out the springs and installing the boot grips. I won’t be changing anything else.

There is a risk when you do work like this. If you make the hammer spring too light, the hammer may not hit the firing pin with enough force to reliably detonate the primer. The primary reason for the trip to the range this afternoon was to verify that the hammer spring wasn’t too light to fire my preferred 380 carry rounds. If you decide to do the spring swap on your M380 it is CRITICAL that you verify your M380 still works reliably with your ammo choices.

The M380 is an interesting snubbie. A lot of manufacturers are making hotter and hotter .380 ACP that matches or exceeds a lot of .38 SPL loads, which has been loaded softer and softer over the years. The thing is, is that a 5-shot .380 ACP cylinder is a lot more compact than a 5-shot .38 SPL cylinder, making this revolver a power-level match but even smaller and lighter.

Of course, revolvers use frame mass as inertia for the hammer to use as leverage, to press against under spring tension. So these alloy-framed revolvers almost always have heavy springs to compensate for the lower frame mass, resulting in just craptacular triggers.

I personally think that, if money and product availability is no issue, that most people would be better off with a Colt Mustang Pocketlite or SIG P238 over an M380. But there are still reasons to seek out the revolver, and it costs half what those high-end pocket pistols run, so it definitely has an appeal.

You just need a spring kit for it.

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