Colt Adding Dozens of New Accessories to Expand Rifle Configurations

Colt is working with a handful of new partners to bring many new (and some familiar) accessories to adorn their rifles, giving Colt customers more options when it comes to ordering rifles made exactly to their specifications.

“We are excited to be working with so many well-respected accessory manufacturers this year,” said David Ridley, Colt vice president. “These partnerships will allow us to provide our customers with more choices when purchasing a rifle, while also giving them the added value of receiving multiple pieces of factory-installed furniture.”

A Colt carbine paired up with Mapgul Original Equipment. It was introduced last year with the catchy name "LE6920MP-FDE".

A Colt carbine paired up with Mapgul Original Equipment. It was introduced last year with the catchy name “LE6920MP-FDE”.

The complete list of companies and what accessories they will be supplying Colt with is as follows:

  • BlackhawkQuad rail with covers, Vertical grip, Sling, Grip, Stock, Rear sight, and Single point sling attachment
  • Knight’s ArmamentM4 RAS (Rail Adapter System)
  • Magpul30-, 20- and 10-round PMAG magazines, MBUS rear: Gen 2 backup sight, PRS precision-adjustable stock, and AFG2 angled fore grip
    • Magpul Original Equipment (MOE): Hand guard, Carbine stock, Rifle stock, Grip, K grip, MVG vertical grip, Trigger guard, ACS carbine stock, ACS STR stock, and ACS-L stock
  • PRIUltra-light Gen III Tri-rail
  • RogersSuper-Stoc, M4 Tri-rail, Dual magazine coupler, Single point harness & M4 adapter, Mag Grip, and Video & Cleaning kit
  • SafarilandRapid light system (RLS)
  • TroyBattle ax CQB light weight stock, Folding rear battle sight, Rail, Alpha Rail, Alpha Rail 13-inch with sight, Enhanced battle ax CQB grip, and Medieval flash suppressor
  • VltorButtstock

Colt certainly has no problems selling their rifles without a lot of fancy accessories on them and for no small amount of money, either. Still, they’ve got to be facing a lot of pressure from all the myriad list of companies that make really exotic ARs.

Also, there is a chance that Colt may lose their exclusive contract with the U.S. Army. If Remington (or any other of a handful of companies) manages to underbid Colt for the very large military contract, Colt is going to have to turn to the general public to maintain their current sales.

Should another company win the bid, it will be interesting to see if Colt combines new models and configurations with pricing their rifles more competitively to boost commercial sales, or if they’ll stand on brand recognition to keep their margins up.

And right now, with market demand for ARs being what it is, frankly it doesn’t matter what combination of controls, furniture and accessories you put on a rifle, you’ll sell it. It’s completely possible that Colt is expanding their suppliers just to be able to assemble complete rifles for sale on the open market.

Details are a bit scarce on how they plan on using these accessories. Colt may continue making a fixed catalog of pre-configured rifles, or they may be planning on some type of custom shop.

No matter what the reason for Colt’s expanding catalog, we approve. More options is always better, and it will be nice to see their rifles dressed up in more than just the pony.

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