Georgia Woman Shoots at Burglars Leaving Her Home

A homeowner in Villa Rica, Georgia, followed up on what she was told to be a false alarm on Feb.2, but turned out to be four men robbing her house and ended with her opening fire.

The Douglas County Sentinel reports that she had received a call from her alarm company around 10 am while she was at work. They told her someone had tried to break into her house, but Villa Rica Police responded to the alarm, found the home secure and figured that the alarm had scared the potential intruders away. But the woman went home anyway to examine any potential damage.

While she was en route, the alarm company called again and informed her that there had been a second attempt, but this time the homeowner arrived before the police.  While checking out the exterior of the house, she noticed a man in the woods at the edge of her backyard.  As it turns out he was the lookout for the three men inside.

And when the burglars exited, one of whom was armed with a gun he’d intended to steal from the inside the house, the homeowner pulled her own gun.

“The victim was caught between the suspects leaving the house and the one in the woods,”  the Villa Rica Police report. “Due to her fear, she fired three shots at the suspect holding the gun as she ran from the area.”

She missed the intruders.  WSBTV Channel 2 reports that the suspect with the stolen gun ran back inside the house while his two accomplices fled through the front door.


Though the four men scattered, all were later apprehended.  The suspects have been identified as Travis Clifford Goolsby, 19, Joseph Brady Cook, 19, Austin Wayne Priest, 17, and Tony Chase McGuire, 17.

The Villa Rica Police Department said that three of the teens — Goolsby, Priest and McGuire — were charged with “burglary and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.” And Cook was charged with burglary since there was no evidence that he had possession of a firearm during this incident.

At least one of the guns in question came from inside the house.  Another recovered at the scene, dropped as one of the burglars fled, did not belong to the homeowner, and the last, according to the Villa Rica Police, was a “firearm replica.”

No charges have been filed against the homeowner.

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