Load tests with the Judge (VIDEO)

hicock45 plays around with a 3-inch Taurus Judge. “Plays around” is about all you can call it. This video does a good job of demonstrating how the Judge patterns widely and how penetration, well, doesn’t happen.

There are some Judge (and Governor, if you’r into Smiths) loads that do alright, 00 buck, naturally, as well as some new .410 shells like Winchester’s PDX and Hornady’s Triple Defense that are designed around shotgun revolvers that are considerably better, but I will continue to question the viability of shotgun revolvers for self-defense, even having watched this.

I will agree heartily with one point. “Beats throwing a rock.”

They plan to do some more in-depth testing with the Judge. I’d love to see some ballistics data for once. Get some numbers about velocities.

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