PAP 5.56x45 AK Pistol (VIDEO)

The PAP or Zastava M85 Pistol Variant is a neat little handgun, although “handgun” is always a stretch of the term. The thing is basically a fireball generator.

Like most Zastava guns, they’re heavily-featured for AKs, with a rubberized charging handle, improved sights and a new polymer magazine. It’s a shame the muzzle device is permanently-attached, that would look great with any number of other muzzle devices.

Like the man says, this gun is basically a very small RPK chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. They usually run between $600 and $800, case in point.

They’re neat, although if I only had one gun, it’d probably be something different. If you’re just jonesing for a gun because you haven’t been able to buy one in the past couple of months, you might want to consider a PAP.

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