Ted Nugent Attends State of the Union and Slams the Presidents Speech (VIDEO)

Ted Nugent attended last night State of Union as a guest of Texas Representative Steve Stockman.  Mr. Nugent sat in the spectators gallery and was seen respectfully listening to the State of the Union.  After the speech WUSA 9’s Derek McGinty caught up with the Nuge and conducted the interview seen above.

When asked what his thoughts were on the speech Nugent replied: “I can’t say it on the local Washington, DC television channel.”  He went on to state “I believe his agenda is to bring a bastardized version of fairness.” “I’m just a guitar player, so bear with me. So, those that pay all the taxes, in order to be fair, have to pay more… but those who don’t pay any, get to keep paying nothing?”  Regarding gun control Nugent told McGinty “Gun control helps criminals. Gun control reduces the self-defense capabilities of good, law-abiding Americans. We can’t let that happen and I’m here to make sure that it doesn’t.”


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