Winchester Expands Razorback XT Hog Hunting Ammo Line-Up (VIDEO)

Winchester is adding to their feral hog-specific ammunition line, Razorback XT. They are adding a handgun caliber with a .44 Magnum load and two shotgun options, 00 buck and a segmenting slug.

“Wild hog populations continue to grow and so does the demand for ammunition that can bring down big boars quickly and effectively,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester vice president. “Now we’re offering handgun and shotgun hunters Razorback XT ammunition they can count on in the variety of conditions and climates where wild hogs are hunted.”

As opposed to all that climate-specific ammunition?

Razorback .44 MagnumIn any case, apart from the buckshot the new Razorback offerings are, if not on the edge of innovation, at the very least modern, stout loads.

The .44 Magnum is designed around a specially-designed “beveled-profile” hollowpoint, ensuring penetration and expansion. Hogs are dense and many handgun loads will expand and expel their energy without penetrating deep enough for a humane kill. The six tips of the hollowpoint are beveled so that they don’t expand immediately.

The .44 Razorback load uses a 225-grain bullet moving at 1,300 feet per second, generating 844 foot-pounds of force. It’s a little hotter than entry-level .44 Magnum loads but not at the terrific high end that .44 Mag is capable of. You’ll be able to shoot this stuff repeatedly.

Winchester’s 12-gauge slug is nice, too. It uses their segmented slug, which breaks into three pieces upon impact, spreading out the energy and minimizing the risk of over-penetration.

Razorback buckshot 12 gaugeAnother nice thing about the slug is that it is attached to an elongated polymer heel for stabilization. It’s designed like a shuttlecock for better accuracy over long distances.

The Razorback shot is your standard 00 buck with a pig on the box. It’s loaded with one ounce, 8 pellets of buckshot.

The slug is rated at 1600 feet per second, which is something like 2,500 foot-pounds of energy. The buck is a little lighter, but moves at a respectable 1,450 feet per second. Both shotgun loads use 2-3/4 shells.

These compliment Winchester’s existing Razorback products nicely, and are sure to make hunters who like animal-specific loads happy.

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