Glock in 2013 (VIDEO)

We spent a good time at SHOT Show this year shooting the new Glocks, too. Actually, just thinking about Media Day makes me feel cold, you can see how frozen our hands were in our video.

So most of what Glock is doing is flushing out their Gen 4 series, adding updated versions of existing models. The new Glock 30S is their real innovation.

Many people had already been doing this, by throwing a Glock 36 slide onto a Glock 30 frame. Glock’s just not one to let a good idea slip by.

Still, I can’t help but wonder why they’re still bothering to make the non-S Glock 30 now. It just seems unnecessary. The 30S is lighter and has less recoiling mass.

Shooting it’s about what you expect, with noticeable but totally manageable recoil. My only complaint is a pretty common one. The magazine extension bites me. Only happens to me with the .45 for some reason. Small price to pay.

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