Shooting the De Lisle Carbine (VIDEO)

Look ma, no ear pro!

The De Lisle Carbine in that video is a very good reproduction of the original. There have been other attempts at making these guns for the commercial market and the results are mixed.

We did a review of the Valkyrie Arms De Lisle and weren’t all that impressed.

Shooting the gun wasn’t bad at all, and the accuracy from this model was decent. It was easy to make tin cans jump and six-inch steel spin at 25 yards. The gun is supposed to be much better than was typical of the original De Lisle or the suppressed reproduction version, either of which were evidently only accurate to about a ‘minute of human torso’ at 50 yards.

Recoil was minimal. Shooting a .45 ACP out of a gun with this much mass just doesn’t generate much recoil. Of course, the .45 was selected for the original De Lisle because it is a sub-sonic round in standard loadings. This meant that there was no supersonic ‘crack’ (sonic boom) from the round, which made it much easier to suppress for commando purposes.

Even then, if you get a chance to play around with one, do, because for all their imperfections, they’re neat guns—and that goes double for a suppressed model.

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