Primary Arms' New Even Lower-Priced Red Dot Sight


Primary ArmsPrimary Arms just announced a new model of red dot sight at a remarkably low price of $70 including a cantilever mount. If it is made to the same standards of their other optics, it will be durable, clear and all-around well-made.

It’s a tube-type 30mm red dot that’s waterproof and shockproof and the lenses are coated to reduce glare. The optic throws a 3 MOA dot, not too big, not too small, just right. The mount it comes with is designed to lower-third co-witness with AR-height sights. Oh, and it comes with flip up lens caps.

It weighs 10 ounces and has 11 brightness settings.

Really at this price the 3MOA CR2032 Red Dot has to have a catch. And there is.

The red dot sight runs off two CR2032 batteries, and has a battery life of 250 hours. That’s not terrible, but it’s not great, either.

But everything else about it is, and with a price well below $100—that includes the mount—a lot of people are going to overlook the slight batter life of this optic.Primary Arms (2)

This is something of a thank-you, and something of a we’re sorry from Primary Arms. Their products have been in huge demand and they’ve had real problems getting their optics in-stock. In their announcement they made the following statement.

“If you are a regular customer, you probably know that we have been experiencing some product shortages.  We have been diligently working with new factories and this is one of the first products of those efforts.  To introduce this new factory, we are offering a special purchase:

The Primary Arms 3MOA CR2032 Red Dot with Included AR Height Mount.

Really, for $70, it’s almost just nice to get as a backup if you already have one, or as a primary until you get the glass you really want.

It’s Primary Arms, they make a good red dot sight.

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