A Gallery of US Presidents and Their Guns

george washingtons gun

A Young George Washington


james monroes gun

James Monroe (holding flag)

Andrew Jackson Duel

Andrew Jackson in a duel.


William Henry Harrison Gun

William Henry Harrison


Zachary Taylor Gun

Zachary Taylor


Ulysses S Grant Gun

Ulysses S Grant


James Garfield Gun

James Garfield


Benjamin Harrison Gun

Benjamin Harrison


Grover Cleveland Gun

Grover Cleveland


Theodore Roosevelt Gun

Theodore Roosevelt


Calvin Coolidge Gun

Calvin Coolidge


Franklin D Roosevelt FDR Gun

Franklin D. Roosevelt


First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Gun

Shout Out to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt


Harry S Truman Gun

Harry S. Truman


Dwight D Eisenhower Gun

Dwight D. Eisenhower


John F Kennedy Gun

John F Kennedy


Gerald Ford Gun

Gerald Ford


Jimmy Carter Gun

Jimmy Carter


Ronald Regan Gun

Ronald Regan


George HW Bush Gun

George Bush


Bill Clinton Gun

Bill Clinton


George W Bush Gun

George W. Bush


Barack Obama Gun

Barack Obama

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