Turbull's New TAR-15 Carbon Steel Rifle

Turnbull is, after a long wait, now manufacturing the TAR-15, an ornate AR-type rifle chambered in .223 Remington. This follows their equally impressive TAR-10, which the TAR-15 draws a lot of inspiration from.

“With the rising popularity of the AR-15 platform, it seemed time to design and produce a truly collectible version of this amazing shooting platform,” said Doug Turnbull, “While still turning out what is one of the most accurate and easy shooting AR type rifles. I am very proud to put my name on the TAR-15.”

These heirloom-grade guns are built using premium parts and Turnbull’s own 8620 carbon-steel receivers. The steel not only makes them incredibly durable but also makes it possible for Turnbull to finish them with their own bone charcoal case-hardened finish.


The finish is just exquisite. As nice as it is in pictures, in person it comes alive with all the colors shining.

The stocks are American Black Walnut and just as nice as the finish, with a custom pistol grip that’s especially comfortable. They offer it with a long-lasting urethane finish or a softer, matte oil finish.

Only a small amount of matte black finish peeks out with the muzzle end of the barrel, the low-profile gas block and the delta ring. The barrel is threaded and comes with an attached muzzle brake. You can order these rifles with barrels from 16 inches to 24.

The barrel is chrome-lined to last as long as possible. So while yes, they are quite artistic, they’re also made to be fielded and last for years and years.

Turnbull is taking orders for TAR-15s right now. If you’re interested, head over to their website, and fill out the check for $2,495. That gets you a carrying case as well.

With prices for Colt 6920s and SIG 516s going for $2,500 and up right now, you might just go with the gorgeous all steel Turnbull TAR-15 based on value alone.

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