Reviled Reality Stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Show off Gun Collection (VIDEO)

We aren’t sure if this is a plus or minus for the cause of guns, but vilified reality stars Spencer Prat and Heidi Montag from MTV’s The Hills showed off their gun collection in a new british documentary titled “Speidi: Scandal, Secrets & Surgery!“.

All eye-rolling aside, “Speidi” has a nice collection of guns and they demonstrated safe handeling and proper storage.  Stating why they are gun owners, Montag said: “This is one of my favorite activities,” Montag says. “It gives me a new sense of self every time I do. It makes me feel proud to be an American.” She adds, “I’d like to say something about guns as well. I think it is one of the greatest rights to be an American. I personally didn’t feel safe especially with crazed fans out there and stalkers. If somebody broke into our home, I think this is the only thing that would actually save my life.”

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