Liberty Ammunition ‘Halo Point’ Civil Defense 9mm Gel Test (VIDEO)

Pocket Guns and Gear just posted a follow-up of their Liberty Ammunition “Halo Point” Civil Defense gel tests in .40 S&W with a test of the same brand ammo in 9mm.

It’s still impressive stuff, but doesn’t quite pack the same amount of “wow” over other 9mm loads. It didn’t keep up with the .40 velocities out of the 3-inch barrel, in the end averaging 328 foot-pounds of force, compared with the .40’s 540.

That being said, the energy transfer is downright scary, with the bullet fragmenting across a very large permanent wound cavity, and the base of the bullet continuing through for about 10 inches of penetration.

The weakness of this ammo is that it’s so lightweight; the 9mm bullets are just 50 grains. If these two tests are any indication, the 78-grain .45 ACP load should be a powerhouse.

One thing they point out is particularly compelling. The lightweight bullets really make a difference.

“One other point I wanted to mention that wasn’t obvious to me at first. The Kahr PM40 holds six rounds. The six rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 175 grain .40 S&W ammunition I was carrying weighed 3.4 ounces. If I replaced those rounds with Halo Point .40 S&W, total ammunition weight is reduced to 1.9 ounces. That’s a 44 percent reduction in weight and would be even more noticeable in a higher capacity pistol like a Glock 27.”

The Halo Point brand has been discontinued for obvious reasons, but the company is still making the ammo under the name “Civil Defense.” For more info check out Liberty Ammunition.

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