New Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX and Camper Stainless UFX


Browning is adding two new models of Buck Mark .22 Long Rifle pistols to their catalog for 2013. These rimfire pistols — Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX — are built around Browning’s new Overmolded Ultragrip FX grip, an ambidextrous design with slight fingergrooves, impressions almost, that guide your hand into position without getting in the way.

These black and grey grips look at home on both models, which vary only in finish. The Campers, mid-size and mid-weight pistols, come with your choice of matte black or two-tone stainless.

The new grips are very comfortable and a good fit for a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes.

Both models have 5.25-inch tapered bull barrels and adjustable black-on-black target sights. The only difference besides the finish is the price. The matte black model has an MSRP of $380 and the stainless $420. Real-world prices are going to be under $350.

Buck Marks have always been one of our favorite line of rimfire pistols. They’re a nice alternative to Ruger’s Marks and 22/45s, and can be easily modified to have an exceptionally nice trigger.

The new UFX models look like great all-purpose .22 pistols. The barrel is long enough to build up speeds for hunting if necessary, and it’s accurate enough out of the box for competition shooting. But it also has comfortable grips to make it a good first gun and a plinker.

The other specs are identical. They measure in at 9.5 inches long and weigh 34 ounces unloaded.

If you’re in the market for a new rimfire pistol that has all the basics covered but isn’t so featured you might as well buy a centerfire handgun for the money, you should take a look at Browning’s new Buck Mark Camper UFX pistols.


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