Can You Over-Lube a Glock (VIDEO)

In this video, James Yeager famously states that using too much lube can cause a Glock to malfunction. He also shows off more hair and less spare tire.

It seems reasonable enough, if you gum up the striker channel, the striker will be slowed down, leading to light primer strikes and failures to fire.

But on the other hand, they’re Glocks, right? The gun that’s synonymous with reliability. Glocks are world-renown for their ability to soak up abuse and neglect and run just fine.

Leave it to mattv2099 to see just how much lube fumes James Yeager has been exposed to with his wild claims that too much lubrication can foul your Glock and make it fail.

Of course, with this much lube mattv’s brain’s probably going to be a little addled, too.


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