LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cheaper than Dirt, why should I buy again from a company that rejects the 2nd amendment?

The following was submitted by Guns.com reader Joe Willi from Minnesota.

Buy again from a company that rejected its customers, initially denied the 2nd amendment, and emboldened those people who are now pushing for unconstitutional laws?  I’d have to see a lot more major donations and political leveraging going to support our gun right fight to convince me.

My son came to me the day Cheaper than Dirt suspended their modern rifle sales and voiced his feelings of betrayal by a company we had both respected and when on vacation to Texas even visited.

But when Cheaper Than Dirt was leading the charge for bailing out of the semi-automatic sales, it was frightening to think how many more were going to follow?!

It is good to see them respond in a correct manner, but it is a shame to see them do so only because their bottom line was suffering.  In truth it doesn’t seem a whole lot different right now to me than the politicians who are voting and making laws that just benefit themselves or their own party or their re-election bids.

Either you believe in our 2nd amendment rights or you don’t.  The gun-owners I know stand by their beliefs and principles even when it isn’t politically correct (politically correct is just another term for no backbone), popular, safe, or bottom-line beneficial.

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