New Old Guns From Cimarron in 2013

Cimarron Firearms is a smart company.  Back in 1984, Cimarron identified a niche market.  While Cowboy Action Shooting had never really gone away (not since the days of actual cowboys), it wasn’t really organized (as a sport).  Authentic guns weren’t easy to come by.  Cimarron entered the market with affordable firearms designed for shooters who were concerned as much with the historical accuracy of their guns as the way they shot.

And for close to 30 years, Cimarron has been a go-to for the cowboy action shooting community, but they make guns for the rest of us, too.  I got into Cimarron guns through their Hollywood movie replicas.  And I’ve been a fan ever since.  So I look forward to the new guns from Cimarron, the best new old guns around.

cimarron The Pistolero

The Pistolero

The Pistolero

My favorite line from Cimarron’s marketing team is this: “The Pistolero, great for those under-funded revolutions.”  That just about sums it up.

The Pistolero is a compact and inexpensive Colt copy built of steel and brass and walnut.  This might be the best option for practicing single-action shooting.  It will be a gun you value, but probably not one that you’ll baby, which means it will be a shooter.

The new MSRP is $466.70, a bit lower than the price listed on the Cimarron page.

The Pistolero is a 4.75 inch .45 Colt built by Pietta in Italy.  The Italians know their way around old Colts, thanks to their role in the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s, and Cimarron is guiding them through the production process with an eye toward even greater historical accuracy.

The 1878 Coach Gun

Maybe you’d like to pay heed to Vice President Joe Biden’s advice and solve any potential home invasion problems with a double barrel.  Cimarron has you covered.  The 1878 is a beautiful copy of an historically accurate Colt 12 gauge.  It comes with 20- or 26-inch barrels.

1878 coach gun

Just open up your back door and…

And nothing beats exposed hammers on a shotgun.  Of all of the coach guns that are on the market these days, this one seems to embrace the elegant lines common on some of the older working class guns.  The MSRP on this new gem is $574.60.

Wild Bunch of 1911s

Cimarron’s 1911s are their best sellers.  They’re importing the guns from Armscor, the company behind Rock Island but Cimarron is looking, as the often do, toward history.  These 1911s are just about as close to an original as you can get these days.

cimarron 1911 with leather holster

These are more in line with the 1911 and not the 1911A1.  And Cimarron is dressing them up.  In addition to their parkerized version, the Cimarron 1911s are now available in a high luster blue or a polished nickel.

Pike Bishop

Pike Bishop

If you’re as nostalgic about old film as I am, the new Wild Bunch Combo will be hard to pass up.  It is a Polished Blue 1911 and a Tanker holster, similar to the one worn by William Holden’s “Pike” in the 1969 film The Wild Bunch.

You can hardly see the shoulder rig Holden is wearing here and it is clearly overshadowed by that stunning 1897 Winchester (don’t worry, Cimarron makes 1897s, too). notes that the 1911s in The Wild Bunch are (sometimes) Star Model Bs, but those were used as stand-ins for the 1911s that play such a huge role in the movie.  There’s a challenge for you, Cimarron.  I want a Star Model B in 9×19 in a Tanker holster and if you can find a way to package and sell William Holden’s swagger, I’ll buy that too.

Cimarron’s new Wild Bunch Package has an MSRP of $817.70.  The parkerized finish: $540.80.  The super sexy nickel finish: $633.10.  The polished high luster blue finish is $603.20 without the Tanker holster.

 So pick up some Wild West

Even those of us who aren’t into the Single Action Shooting Society scene can appreciate a great historical piece.  And Cimarron knows their market.  If you’re looking for an affordable piece of functioning movie memorabilia, look no further.  They’ve even lowered the prices on their Man With No Name homage (a personal favorite).  If you are wanting a seriously fine tuned SASS competition shooter, they can do that too.

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