Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Review (VIDEO)

One thing of note is that the M&P22 is made by Umarex, a company that’s often associated with finicky or unreliable rimfire pistols. And that will put a lot of people off the M&P 22, and it shouldn’t. It’s an exception to the rule, with most users having nothing but good things to say about it. It’s a rimfire handgun so it isn’t going to be problem-free, but in this case it’s at least problem-lite.

On the subject of the trigger … it is a very good copy of the standard M&P trigger. So for training, that’s a win right there. The flip side is that the M&P pistol trigger is pretty famously lackluster. Even Smith & Wesson knows it, and is in the processes of updating their factory triggers.

But it’s not like you can just drop an Apex trigger kit into an M&P 22.

That doesn’t make it any less fun. Really, if you’re looking for a plinker that makes you grin, it’s hard to beat the M&P 22.

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