First Shots with the US-Made Tavor (VIDEO)

The Tavor was one of our top 5 guns of SHOT Show this year, for good reason. It’s a lot of fun. This is the bullpup that will convert people over to that type of action; especially once they get conversion kits rolling.

It doesn’t have the lightest trigger (you knew that) but a lot of that goes out the window when you’re shooting it. And it’s a lot easier to make it lefty-friendly than an AR.

They’re making a handful of Tavor variants and will soon have caliber-conversion kits (5.45x39mm and 9mm) along with their lefty parts kit available as well.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the operations of IWI US to shooting enthusiasts in the US,”said Uri Amit, IWI’s CEO. “We have operated for many years in the global Defense and Law Enforcement markets, where we have invested significant resources in developing quality, innovative weapons that answer the needs of our customers, and our products enjoy great popularity around the world. All of the weapons we have developed have become the standard for the IDF as well as for the armed forces, Special Forces, and police forces throughout the world.”

“We have now decided to enter the civilian market in the US and offer products that have been specially developed for the US commercial market. Initially, we will offer several configurations of the Tavor SAR and the Uzi PRO Pistol, which have undergone changes and adjustments to suit the needs of the American consumer.”

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