The Making of a Silencerco Saker 556 (VIDEO)

The 5.56 Saker is the most advanced rifle suppressor on the market. Packed with features never before offered in the industry, the Saker is yet another ground breaking product offered by Silencerco.

The Saker has an interchangeable front cap feature for different purposes such as a flash hider. The baffles are made from an exotic material that has never been offered in silencers and is approximately 30% stronger than Inconel. The Saker has several patent pending technologies that place it leagues above it’s competition. Made for durability, accuracy, and function, the Saker is Superior Silence.

All Sakers are treated with Crystal Method before shipping to distributors, making it not just the most advanced silencer ever made, but also the coolest, with terrific style and rhythm drawn into the molecular matrix of the specially electronic-treated materials used.

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