Black Leaders Slam Gun Control and its Racist Roots (VIDEO)

Former U.S. Congressman Allen West continues on his Facebook page:

“I proudly stand with my fellow black conservatives who are attempting to promulgate the truth. Too often the voices of the black community seem to be Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all those who seek to deceive with empty rhetoric and victimization. It has always been the Democrat party that has promoted policies detrimental to the black community: slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism.

“Hat tip to Star Parker, Niger Innis, Harry Alford and all those who will not be a part of the 21st century economic plantation, nor be relegated to blind servitude to a liberal progressive agenda bent on the destruction not just of the black community, but America.

“And to the mindless lemmings who continue to parrot the progressive rhetoric on these pages…keep it up chuckleheads. I’m not letting up.”

The full version is here, if you have an hour and then some to watch it.

From “Is Gun Control Racist?” by Adam Winkler”

“Actually, the gun-rights websites are on to something. As I discovered in researching my new book Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America, for much of our history, gun regulation has been tainted by the stains of racism and discrimination. Today, the story is more complex than the simplistic slogans of gun-rights advocates. But there is no denying that racial politics have profoundly shaped America’s gun laws.

“America’s most horrific racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, began with gun control at the very top of its agenda. Before the Civil War, blacks in the South had never been allowed to possess guns. During the war, however, blacks obtained guns for the first time. Some served as soldiers in black units in the Union Army, which allowed its men, black and white, to take their guns home with them as partial payment of past due wages. Other Southern blacks bought guns in the underground marketplace, which was flooded with firearms produced for the war.”

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