Bushmaster Delivers with New Magpul-Decked Rifles for 2013

Earlier this year, Bushmaster announced at SHOT Show that they would be offering several of their rifles configured with Magpul furniture, specifically the new MOE fixed rifle-length buttstock.

These rifles will expand on Bushmaster’s higher-end offerings, their Varminter, Predator and 308 Hunter models. The Firearm Blog scored some photos of the newly-reconfigured rifles.

Bushmaster Predators

First up is the new Predator, which will be available in three models, basic black, A-TACS camoflage and black with a bullet button for California (not shown). Depending on the finish the standard A2-stocked Predator the MSRP varies between $1,414 and $1,518.

They have extra-heavy fluted barrels with a 1-in-8 rate of twist for heavier bullet stabilization that measure in at 20 inches in length. The barrels are not chrome-lined and have 11-degree target crowns in addition to using free-floating handguards for utmost accuracy.

Bushmaster Varminters

Bushmaster will also be rolling MOE stocks on their Varminter rifles, which will be available in four models, stainless, matte black, black with a bullet button (not shown) and one with A-TACS camo print (also not shown, but the same camo finish as the Varminter above).

The Varminters also have extra-heavy fluted barrels, but they’re longer at 24 inches and made with 1-in-9 twists for light, fast bullets more commonly used for small to medium game and varminting.

Like the Predators, the Varmintors have non-chrome-lined barrels with target crowns and free-floating handguards. These are a hair more expensive, with suggested retail prices starting at $1,430 to $1,534.

Bushmaster 308 Hunter

Finally, they’re also coming out with a MOE-stocked 308 Hunter. This AR-10-based rifle is chambered for .308 Winchester, offering a lot more energy at the muzzle, in exchange for a little more weight and of course, more recoil.

The MOE-stocked 308 Hunter has a 20-inch barrel, a good compromise between muzzle velocity and maneuverability; like the name says, this is a hunting rifle, although it should have no problems at the range. It too has a target-crowned barrel and free-floating handguard, but has a chrome-lined barrel that gives up a touch of accuracy for longer barrel life.

This is the most expensive of the lot, with an MSRP of $1,685. But like most firearms, we expect them all to sell much closer to $1,100 to $1,400, provided you find a seller who isn’t running wild with their prices.

Really, it’s a small change, but they look pretty fine by us. Of course, if you’re not a fan of Magpul’s fixed stock Bushmaster will still make them with more common A2-style buttstocks.

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