Handgun Hottie delivers our New Favorite PSA on the Importance of Proper Range Attire

Though the laughter likely stems from the darker side of Guns.com’s psyche, nothing tickles us quite like seeing an unwitting shooter do the hot brass dance (i.e. the spastic movements folks make when a spent casing unfortunately finds it way into their clothes and against their sensitive bits).  We also like gorgeous women.  On that note, meet Chelsea Calvert.

Aside from playing with spider monkeys and tongue kissing her girlfriends, Chelsea also apparently likes shooting guns.  Lots of them as the case would have it, so if that’s your thing, you’ve got a lot to work with here.  Like many Youtube videos before it (and many surely to come) she catches a spent round in her cleavage at about 0:33.

We’re torn on this one.  Part of us wants to call just desserts on Ms. Calvert because rapid firing 33 rounds of Glock in a tank top is in fact the proprietary recipe for catching smoking hot brass between your tits.  People who don’t want to get hurt need to wear appropriate clothing at the range–no sandals, no hot pants, and no sleeveless tops, no matter how flawless you look in them.  On the other hand, if she’d been wearing fatigues, we most likely wouldn’t be writing this article and she does get bonus points in our book for maintaining trigger discipline throughout the whole ordeal.

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