Piers Morgan invites John Lott Jr. on his show - John Lott Jr. not allowed to talk (VIDEO)

Want to get you blood boiling?  Watch the video above. (segment referenced in this article starts at  6:01)

Venerable gun rights columnist John Lott Jr. appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN show Wednesday evening to talk about Wednesday’s Senate hearings and proposed assault rifles ban.  Morgan quickly got himself on a roll, constantly talking over Lott not allowing him talk, let alone explain his points of view.  Lott frustratingly stated “You’ve been talking 80 percent of the time since the break!”.  Morgan childishly replies “I’m going to keep talking, so I suggest you keep quiet.”

Lott was unable to explain to Morgan how selectively choosing facts and figures doesn’t prove the validity of an assault weapons ban.  Unable to break through to Morgan, Lott asks “what’s the point of having someone on?”

Besides the fact of Morgan being extremely off base in his research and personal opinions on guns, the whole structure of his show is tantamount to that of sideshow theatre.  I’m surprised Lott didn’t just walk off the set in the middle of the interview.

Lott responded to the interview on his website by saying “The interview started off reasonably enough, but it quickly devolved into a mess.  The problems started when Piers began realizing that he was losing the debate.”

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