'Heroes Will Rise:' Lights Out Trailer

“Heroes Will Rise” is based on the Internet phenomena that I had to look up “Lights Out,” a novel by David Crawford about what people do in dark rooms. You know, grown-up stuff. There’s some shotguns, too, if you’re into that.

It eventually hit SurvivalMonkey.com and was lauded with critical survivalist and monkeyist appraise, propelling Crawford into the ranks of people who have online friends they’ve never actually met face-to-face.

You can now buy the book that you can also download for free, because people like to spend money, it makes them feel good. It costs more than your standard paperback and will make you feel even better.

It’s metamorphosing into a saga now, it has a Facebook page and everything. Subscribe here for updates, because nobody remembers calendar dates for things like this anymore. They have cell phones with schedules in them and everything.

You know, things would get really fucked up if suddenly all our gizmos stopped working. I mean like, the whole world at the same time. Could you imagine that? Someone could write a book about it.

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