Weaver v. Isoceles: 'Let Science Decide' (VIDEO)

I dunno ’bout you, but I watched that video and I didn’t see a whole lot of sciencing going on. I’m not asking for a lot, maybe some homemade Mythbusters-grade sciencing, like something you could do with middle schoolers or at home with your friends and some beers — I’m not saying drinking and shooting, I just mean that level of science.

I want the equivalent of five guys, a leaf bin full of empties, and a YouTube account-grade science if you’re going to put “Let Science Decide” in the name of your video.

Don’t get me wrong, that was a fine introduction to the shooting stances, and a good thing for beginners and not-so-new shooters alike. But it ain’t science.

You might want to try this video of Weaver v. Isoceles if you’re still on the fence.

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