D.C. Reverend Warns Parishioners of Gun Controls Long Racial Past (AUDIO)

Rev. Kenn Blanchard of Berean Baptist Church in Washington D.C. preaches a message many wouldn’t commonly expect of an inner city man of faith.  Blanchard is an outspoken advocate for gun rights, a postion that often puts him at odds with his own congregation.  Blanchard warns his congregation of the long racial history of gun laws and regulations directed towards disenfranchised ethnic groups.  “Gun laws have started in this country since 1640 — since we were colonies, and it’s always been against a group — it’s always been to control somebody,” Blanchard told NPR in an interview embedded below.

Laying out a timeline that shows major changes in gun laws every 30 years, Rev. Blanchard states that no politician can legislate the defense and safety of their constituants lives.  He explains that there is a ‘loss of hope’ in society and that it is time our neigborhoods stand up for themselves to take on personal responsiblity and educate their children on firearms.

Kenn Blanchard is the author of Black Man With a Gun and also runs the popular Urban Shooter podcast.

Via: The Blaze

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