A Sneak Peek at the Boberg 45 ACP XR45-S

BOBERG XR45-S blueprint

Boberg already makes some of the most advanced, innovative concealed-carry pistols on the market with the XR9 series, and Pocket Guns and Gear is reporting that they’ll soon announce a version in .45 ACP.

Size-wise it’s in-between the XR9-S and XR9-L, and is dimensionally-comparable to Springfield’s XD(S) .45, although it’s got a larger capacity and a longer barrel.

Length is about 5.75″
Height is about 4.4″
Width is about 1.084
Slide width is about 1.084″
Capacity is 6+1
Barrel Length is not shown on the drawing, but Arne said 3.7″

Let me shine some perspective on this new model. I think you all know I’m really fond of my Springfield XDs 45. It’s another pistol I had a chance to review last year and decided I couldn’t live without. The key dimensions of the XDs are:

Length is 6.3″
Height is 4.4″
Width is 1.00″
Slide width is 0.9″
Capacity is 5+1
Barrel Length is 3.3″

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