HyperDourakuで撃つ! (Crasy-Fast Isosceles w/Bonus French Maid) (VIDEO)

I’m not entirely certain what’s the deal with the Japanese necessity of costumed women, even in this video which is otherwise an entirely serious firearm and shooting montage, but nevertheless, you totally gotta watch this not-subtitled video just the same. And not just for the chick shooter in the French maid outfit with tight form. Tight shooting form. Guttermind.

No, it’s the dude’s form that’s really interesting. It’s a modified isosceles, but look at how closely he holds his handguns to his face.

Unlike so many American shooters, this guy’s doing the opposite of locking his joints together — something I strongly recommend against as well — relying entirely on strength and low center of mass to deal with recoil and stay on target.

It’s a pretty ninja approach to shooting, and God damn is he fast. Skip to the two minute mark if you’re feeling impatient.

What’s really interesting is how universal that shooting stance is. His strong side is practically unmodified from self-loading pistol to revolver to rifle, even when he’s shooting from a kneeling position.

I suspect the drawback for this stance is having an effectively shorter sight radius. We generally think of a sight radius as running from the front sight to the rear, but it’s three points when you add your eyeball.

Still, I’m now looking forward to trying this out. It may sacrifice precision in favor of speed, but sometimes go fast is just more important.

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