Lawmaker tells rape victim that females shouldn't arm themselves

Yesterday during a legislative hearing on campus concealed carry,Colorado Democratic state Senator Evie Hudak told rape victim Amanda Collins that a gun would be useless in her defense because “statistics are not on your side, even if you had a gun.”  

Senator Hudak who can be seen at 2:13 in the video above tells Ms. Collins in so many words that there is nothing a female can do during a rape except be a victim.  She even states that martial arts are a useless pursuit as a women are likely to be overpowered anyway.  And if you think Senator’s horrid statements ended there, you are wrong.  

She told the hearing that for every one women who defended themselves with a gun, 83 are murdered — a statement which couldn’t be farther from the truth and is a complete manipulation of facts, figures and reality.

In a unfortunately similar story from two weeks ago, Colorado Representative Joe Salazar suggested women use ‘whistles’ rather than guns to defend against rape.

At the end of yesterdays testimonies this judiciary committee passed the concealed carry campus ban as well as six other gun control measures, all of which will be debated on the Colorado Senate floor later this week.

Via: The Blaze

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