Lethalizing Paper Planes! (VIDEO)

“Paper Planes are fun, but harmless. They aren’t heavy, sharp and fast enough to be used as a weapon. This video shows how to change that!

“With the right super narrow paper plane design, the bent nail becomes a veritable mini arrow, also called a ‘pana’ or ‘flechette.’ These projectiles are fast and pretty heavy. Combined with their excellent penetration, they are truly lethal.

“As always the idea is taken to its limits!”

Jeorg, Jeorg, Jeorg … there will always be a place in our hearts for your deadly toys and massive rubber-band-powered weapons of das destruction.

And in this case, we’re happy to hear you’re giving away your Purpleheart dart-launcher. 

If you want a chance to win this custom slingshot, head over to The Slingshotchannel Official Forum and post a comment. It’s free!

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