Reporter live on air as San Antonio police kill assailant in standoff (VIDEO)

Marvin Hurst, a reporter for a CBS affiliate in San Antonio, was conducting a live report yesterday on a 4 hour standoff between police and assailant Jimmy Garza, Jr. who had psychically assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

Garza had beat up ex-girlfriend so bad that she told him she needed to get to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Garza thought if he purposfully crashed his car, it would conceal his actions and provide an excuse for his ex girlfriends injuries.  After crashing the car the ex-girlfriend escaped and Garza retreated to his home.  After the 4 hour standoff with the police, Garza exited his home with gun in hand at which point police opened fire – the 2:03 mark in the video above.

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