Duck Dynasty makes Vegan Carrot Call for Rockstar who called them Animal Serial Killers (VIDEO)

The singer Morrissey, former frontman for the British rockband The Smiths, informed Jimmy Kimmel that he would not preform on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live last week due to the fact that the crew from Duck Dynasty were also scheduled guests for the same night.

Morrissey said, “I can’t morally be on a television show where the members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests.  As far as my reputations is concerned I can’t take the risk of being on a show along side of people who in effect amount to animal serial killers.”

The boys from Duck Dynasty thought they would have some fun with Morrissey, so they made him a new product as you can see in the video below.

More than likely you’ve heard Morrissey or The Smiths before, or at least their most recognizable song “How Soon is Now,” which was added to their album Meat is Murder.

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