How Much Do You Love Shot Show? (VIDEO)

FunkerTactical misses SHOT Show. A lot. And you know what? So do we.

It’s true grief. It’s always over so fast, and before you know it, you’re back at home, with photos and videos and … memories.

There should be a support group, “Friends of SHOT Show.” It’d be a safe place where we could all talk about that one time where we just watched that trick shooter spin his Colts at the Cimmaron booth and forgot to take pictures, we just got sucked into the spectacle, and how that sales rep wasn’t just trying to push CMMG on you, that was straight-up flirting, and commiserate over how we always promised to spend more time looking at knives together, but the time just flew by.

There’d be coffee and cookies, and wicker baskets just full of free ammo; not just cheap stuff but crazy shit like .50 AE and .338 Lapua Magnum and all the buckshot you could ever want

God, I miss you SHOT Show. We all do.

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