LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A response to Colorado HB 1226 and the Amanda Collins testimony

The following letter to the editor was submitted to us by Guns.com reader Thomas L. Woodrum.  It references rape survivor, Amanda Collins, recent testimony before the Colorado State Legislature

Dear Senator Hudak:

I recently viewed a video on the internet of what appears to be a Senate subcommittee hearing discussing HB 1226.  In this hearing you clearly stated to Amanda Collins, a rape victim that was testifying in front of the committee, that her firearm would not have protected her against her assailant.  You further stated that for every woman that protects herself with a firearm 83 women are murdered by their own weapons.

I am extremely thankful that I am not a resident of Colorado and that you are not my representative.  It is very clear that you are ignorant on matters of self defense, firearms and firearms use for the purpose of self defense.  The statistics you reference are insanely misleading and incorrect.  It is apparent that your goal is to strip citizens of Colorado of their Second Amendment right of self defense.

The statements you made to Ms. Collins are extremely ignorant and insensitive.  Rather than truly listening to Ms. Collins you indicate through your statement that her firearm would not have saved her from being a victim.  Rather than letting an individual decide how to protect themselves from potential danger you are willing to strip them of the best means of self protection.  Following your logic there is very little a woman can do to prevent being a victim of rape, therefore they should not have the option of carrying a firearm in an attempt to protect themselves from being a victim.  Your reasoning leads to this conclusion: a firearm will do you no good so you should not be permitted to carry one, you will be overpowered no matter what you do to fight back, you are defenseless and you will be a victim if someone chooses to attack you.  Your reasoning is sad and dangerous.

I understand that I am an outsider looking in.  I understand that the people of Colorado have suffered an unspeakable tragedy at the hands of a mad man.  However, stripping individuals of their universal Second Amendment right of self defense by carrying a concealed firearm will only create more victims.  Your legislative actions will only create more victims like Ms. Collins.

Thankfully I am a resident of a state that respects the Second Amendment right and choice to self protection through the use of a firearm.  I understand that you do not answer to me as a voter.  I pray and I hope that the voters of Colorado will give you a career path that does not include being a member of the Colorado Senate.


Thomas L. Woodrum II, Esq.

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