See how one South Carolina elementary school has hired a full time police officer at no cost to taxpayers (VIDEO)

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In the wake of the Newtown, CT tragedy the issue of securing our schools has become a conversation across the nation.  Due issues of resources, parental anxieties, public outcry, etc, no standardized model of school security has become widely accepted.

One elementary school in South Carolina has come up with a rather simple solution, a solution that costs their tax payers no money.  Plain Elementary School in Simpsonville was approached by local police officer Justin Chandler who asked if he could set up his administrative police desk inside the school.  Only needing a physical desk and a wifi connection, Chandler is able to conduct all of his normal police admin duties while at the same time being present in the school in case of emergency.  “We said it’s a no-brainer. When we got down to brass tacks with it, it didn’t cost a dime,’’ stated Chandler.

As you can see in the video above the setup is working really well for both Chandler and the school.  According to reports, there are three other schools in the Simpsonville area considering a similar setup.

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