New Damage Industries Rigid Rail For AR Carbines

Damage Industries Carbine-Length Rigid Rail

Damage Industries, a lesser-know but aptly-named quality accessory manufacturer for military and police hardware has just announced a new, inexpensive drop-in quad rail handguard for AR-15 carbines.

“Make no mistake, this rail isn’t for fanboys. It is heavy-duty and designed for a combat environment. You’re not going to crack the rail if you drop it,” Damage Industries teased their rail on their Facebook Page.

This sexy quad rail is lightweight and designed to halt any flex and install without play, hence the name “Rigid Rail.” The handguard weighs just 9 ounces, is CNC-machined and mil-spec hard-anodized.

Damage Industries Carbine-Length Rigid Rail (2)

True to the drop-in description, the Rigid Rail is user-installable, doesn’t require a gunsmith or special tools.

What makes it stand apart from other sexy-looking carbine handguards is that it’s just 2 inches wide, making it easy to handle even with rail covers.

But what people will like best about the Rigid Rail is its price, just $99. It’s currently available in black but Damage Industries is working on other colors for future Rigid Rails.

We hope they make similar mid-length and rifle-length Rigid Rails down the road. Damage Industries does make one middy handguard for those looking to make a (quiet) statement: their “Don’t Tread On Me” handguard, which is laser-engraved with the Damage Industries logo and the eponymous slogan.

Damage Industries Carbine-Length Rigid Rail (3)

If you’re looking for AR parts and aren’t interested in the same stuff everyone else is getting (or simply can’t find any elsewhere) head over to the Damage Industries website.

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