Top Bloomberg gun control lobbyist caught with big smile on his face at rifle range


This is what a Bloomberg hired gun control lobbyist looks like shooting a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine — a Magpul magazine in fact.  He looks like he is having a pretty good time right?

This photo of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyist Adam Eichberg has surfaced of him participating in a ‘watermelon shoot’ at the farm of Colorado Republican Sen. Greg Brophy last year.

Bloomberg led Mayors Against Illegal Guns hired Eichberg this past January to help lobby the gun control proposals currently under consideration by the Colorado legislature.

When reached for comment on the story Eichberg stated, “I really hate watermelons.”

Brophy said that even though he’s friends with Eichberg he felt he had a duty to publish the picture.  Brophy also said that Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper begged to be invited to the watermelon shoot.

“The Governor comes to my house on Friday night and practically begs to come to my melon shoot next year. A few months later he’s in contact with Bloomberg’s group and planning gun-control measures in Colorado.”

via: The Washington Free Bacon

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