Adam Carolla calls out Huffington Post for selective reporting on gun violence (AUDIO)

Comedian podcaster Adam Carolla tried to turn the tables on The Huffington Post this past week after they called him out for apparent racial bigotry in an interview with former San Francisco Mayor and current Lt. Gov. of California Gavin Newsom.  During the Carolla/Newsom interview the topic turned to the status of Blacks and Latinos in comparison to other cultures in America.  As you can see in the transcript below, although controversial, nothing overtly racist was put forth. Carolla stated his belief is that many of the socio-economic problems in Black and Latino housholds are due to a lack of two parent households, see below:

“Think about it, Adam,” said Newsom. “Half of African Americans in the state of California, and roughly half of Latino families, have no access to a checking account or an ATM.”

“What’s wrong with them?” asked Carolla. “I want to know why those two groups don’t have access. Are they flawed?”

“I don’t want to have a sociological debate,” said Newsom.

“I want to know why [Blacks and Latinos] are struggling,” Carolla continued. “Do Asians have this problem? Why do so many [Blacks and Latinos]? Blacks have been here longer than we have. What about Asians–they were put in internment camps. Are they at the check cashing places?”

“Why are [these problems] concentrated in the African American community?” Newsom responded. “Look at the history. It’s naïve to suggest that those things don’t matter.”

“How about the Jews?” asked Carolla. “No problems in the past? Whose had it worse? Why are the Jews doing well? […] Why do some groups do so much better? I’ll tell you why: They have a family who puts an emphasis on education.”

“The family is the number one problem in the Black community. […] It’s simple. Fathers, stay at home, raise your family, do your homework with your kids, put an emphasis on education like the Jews, like the Asians, and let’s see what happens to the problem in 20 years.”

As you can hear in the audio above, Carolla wasn’t happy with hit piece put on him by The Huffington Post which he felt was only meant to stir up controversy and traffic.  As you can hear in the audio or read in the transcript below, Carolla turns the tables on the Huffington Post and calls them out for their selective reporting when it comes to gun violence:

“The Huffington Post has come out with a story that says ‘Adam Carolla to Gavin Newsom: ‘What’s wrong with blacks and Latinos?’’” Carolla said on his podcast Friday. “That’s not what I said to Gavin Newsom. I didn’t bring up blacks and Latinos. He brought up blacks and Latinos.”

He continued, “But let me take this moment to now talk to all the p—–s that are out there trying to stir things up and turn me into a racist. I got news for you: Me saying parents should stick around and raise the children – me saying families and cultures should focus on education — is not radical or revolutionary. It’s the f–king truth.”

“Guys like Huffington Post — you guys f–king line up behind these people [Newsom] and let me tell you something, you guys all have blood on your hands, because the problem could be fixed. It’s a problem, and it’s a problem that involves bodies. People die every year,” Carolla said.

He continued, “There’s people getting shot. There’s brown people shooting other brown people on the streets of Chicago every f–king day of the week. And you guys sit there silently. If it was a Sandy Hook situation or anything else, you’d be all up in arms. But you can’t say a word, so you sit there with your f–king coward hands over your f–king little cowardly soup coolers.”

“And then when somebody has the guts to say something — to speak the truth for f–king one hot second, you jump up his ass and call him a racist. Thus, you silence the media. Now you perpetuate the problem,” Carolla said.

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