Dem Congresswoman says assault rifle ban is only the beginning (VIDEO)

Jason Mattera, known for other revealing videos with with U.S. politicians, did a street interview with Illinois Democratic Congresswomen Jan Schakowsky a couple weeks back during the One Billion Rising rally in Washington D.C.  In the interview Schakowsky exposed what many think to be the true intentions of those in Washington who are looking to change the nations gun laws.

“We want everything on the table,” stated Schakowsky.  “This is a moment of opportunity,” referring to the post Newton atmosphere surronding gun control.  As seen in the video above, when Mattera pressed the Congresswomen on her true intentions, Schakowsky told Mattera that an assault weapons ban “was just the beginning.”  Her view is that a handgun ban is not possible right now but will be in the future as the climate surrounding guns continues to change.

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