Intruder Met with Gunfire Upon Kicking in Door

An intruder was met with gunfire after he forced his way into a home, attacked his wife and then went after the homeowner Friday night in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office said that around 6:20 the homeowner Jonathan Wofford saw Dakota Hester, 35, breaking into his house. Hester’s wife was inside the house at the time and he was presumably after her.

Wofford dialed 911 to report the incident and ask for help. He then retreated to his bedroom upstairs and locked the door.

The wife told deputies that she met her husband inside at the back door of the house to try to calm him, but he was “in a rage,” she said. He grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall.

After attacking his wife, Hester stormed upstairs to go after Wofford, but what he didn’t know was Wofford was behind the locked door with a gun. Once Hester kicked open the door, Wofford opened fire, shooting Hester multiple times.

Wofford then called 911 again. He used his fire department issued radio to call in for help and then went to the road to wave down first responders, according to the Spartanburg Herald Journal.

Aid quickly arrived and airlifted Hester to a nearby hospital. As of last night, Hester remains in critical, but stable condition. If he survives, the sheriff’s department said he will be charged with burglary and criminal domestic violence.

UPDATE 12:00 pm central: The Spartanburg Herald Journal reported that Hester is now in serious condition.

The sheriff’s department reportedly consulted the 7th Circuit Solicitor about this case and determined that Wofford will not face any charges as he was within his right to defend himself.

However, was notified by readers in the Spartanburg area that the case is still under investigation.

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