Pro-Gun Control Colorado Senator Faces Recall (VIDEO)

Senator John Morse facing recall effort over gun laws:

State Senate Democratic President John Morse, of Colorado Springs, is facing a recall effort for his support of controversial gun control laws.

“On Friday the Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) formed a local committee for recalling Morse, the group claims around sixty-volunteers representing state organizations and local businesses have pledged support for the campaign. The effort was inspired by several laws proposed by democrats that would put tighter restrictions on guns including expanded background checks and limits on ammunition magazines.

“‘That’s why politicians around the country don’t want to stand up for this issue, but this is a political hill in my view that’s worth dying for so that we can make sure others don’t die literally at the point of a gun,’ Morse said on Sunday. ‘I wasn’t expecting things to get this divisive, I really thought that after Sandy Hook even the NRA recognized we’ve got to do something, we can’t leave it exactly where it is with the status quo and claim that’s leadership.’

“Morse was specifically targeted because of a measure he proposed that would hold owners of ‘assault weapons’ liable for damages caused by their guns. That bill has since been withdrawn, but that hasn’t stopped the BFDF from trying to remove Morse.”

For more, check out the Basic Freedom Defense Fund, which is pushing to recall several other Colorado senators as well.

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