Stealth Wear: A New Fashion Line That Keeps You Hidden From Drones

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Whether it is overseas or on the homefront, being tracked by a drone is becoming a reality of life, especially for those who don’t want to be seen.  Fashion designer Adam Harvey has created Stealth Wear as a solution.  More of a political fashion statement than profitable reality, Stealth Wear uses metalized fabrics to conceal your body heat, the main sense used by drones infrared cameras.

Here’s how metalizing works: Woven fabric, commonly nylon or polyester, is coated with a special catalyst—a precious metal declined to specified—that helps copper bind to the fiber. Once dry, the fabric is submerged in a copper sulfate–plating bath and dried. A nickel sulfamate bath follows to help the finished fabric withstand the elements and abrasions. The result is a flexible, breathable fabric that can be cut with ordinary tools but that protects against electromagnetic interference and masks infrared radiation. The process adds weight to the original fabric. An untreated square yard of nylon weighs about 42.5 grams. Treated, the same patch weighs more than 70 grams.

You can purchase your Stealth Wear via the UK at
Burqa = $2240
Hoodie = $620
Scarf = $522
Off Pocket (blocks all incoming and outgoing digital signals) = $149


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