hickok45 Reviews the Boberg XR9S (VIDEO)

Expensive and unusual, Boberg’s 9mm pistols have developed a loyal following. They pack about an inch of extra barrel under the slide thanks to a design that puts the breech as far as possible towards the rear of the handgun, directly above the magazine. It uses an articulated claw and rotating lockup to achieve this. The design also leaves room for longer magazines, for a capacity of 7+1 where similar guns are 6+1.

Haters gonna hate, but Boberg’s doing well, and has recently launched a “service” size model, with a full 4.2-inch barrel in the single-stack subcompact design, and are developing a mid-size model in .45 ACP.

The .45 is dimensionally similar to the Springfield XD(s), but holds an extra round and has a barrel that’s half an inch longer.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these premium hand-crafted concealed-carry pistols, head over to Boberg Arms to order. Remember, though, like the man said, they’re tight from the factory and generally require a break-in period.

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