Glock Launches Virtual Firearms Community with Glock ID

Glock ID

While online forums for specific guns, including Glock forums, Glock is doing something different with their new Glock ID website. Taking a cue from existing “online community” websites, Glock is taking thing to a new level with Glock ID, by connecting users with experts and including online tools to help shooters improve their skills.

The program has been in a sort of beta with pre-registrants establishing a communications framework and earning points and virtual “patches.” Points are awarded for watching training videos, helping out other members and otherwise getting involved. The point system is intended to not only engage users but add a layer of competition to the mix.

As a bonus, users who gain points and rank in the community earn real-world rewards from Glock. Already over 10,000 users have registered or pre-registered for Glock ID and are working towards tangibles from Glock.

“GLOCK ID is already a growing community with current members sharing questions and answers, images and input,” said Josh Dorsey, GLOCK vice president. “We are excited about the possibilities for the community and look forward to even more engagement as additional members join the conversation.”

It isn’t just the users who expect to glean something from the experience. Glock has included polls in the system that let members voice their opinion on what direction Glock should move in next.

Glock ID poll

Currently, Glock is asking members what they want to see Glock manufacture most. Shocker, people overwhelmingly want Glock to develop a single-stack 9mm.

Glock ID also has utilities to track your range time and performance, keep track of your guns’ round counts and set cleaning schedules for them and make notes about your different guns. While the focus is on Glock pistols, naturally, they’re not so bullish that you can’t add other guns to your virtual gun safe by other manufacturers and keep track of them, too. You can even upload your own photos of your guns to your “gun safe” to personalize your account.

While you can find apps and spreadsheets and utilities and forums to keep records of your guns and find people to help you out, whether that’s bettering your shooting skills or troubleshooting problems, Glock ID has got it all in one place. It’s a clever way for Glock to give back to the shooting community while benefiting from it at the same time.

Currently there are over 10,000 Glock ID users. If you’re interested in joining them, head over to Glock ID and register. And yeah, it’s free.

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