N. Korean Propaganda Video: 'American's Buying Guns to Kill Children' (VIDEO)

An official North Korean propaganda video that “documents” life in America was released today.  The must see video, which is one of the funniest damn things we have seen in a long time, uses a random collection of natural disaster stock footage mixed in with nondescript images of European homeless shelters.

According to the video, everyone in America lives in tents and we only drink coffee made out of snow because we have already eaten all the birds from our trees (except for a few that remain which will be eaten this coming Tuesday).  Also there is apparently one rougue former Republican candidate from Oregon who is loose roaming the streets.


And then there is the issue of guns in America, which is a debate even the North Koreans can’t help but chime in on — “This is how Americans live today.  Drinking coffee made from snow and living in tents and buying guns to kills each other, especially children.  Some people complain about the guns.”

Well I guess they got one thing right in the video, some people do complain about the guns…

Story is a hoax – fooled the internet (Mediaite, Wired, BuzzFeed, The Week, Slate, The Daily Caller, Yahoo, Telegraph and The Washington Post).

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