2nd Amendment Sunday - An Illinois pastor calls for kids to create ‘assault pop-tarts’ (VIDEO)

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“Assault pop-tarts” and “combat cupcakes” was the call to action by Grace-Gospel Fellowship Church in Bensenville, Illinois.  This past Sunday Pastor Kirkwood held a contest for the children of his church where they were encouraged to come up with the best 2nd amendment themed pastries they could imagine.  Winners were given gift cards and toy assault rifles.  Pastor Kirkwood explained the event in a Facebook post:

2nd Amendment Sunday is here at Grace Gospel Fellowship, Bensenville. Join us as we lay out the Biblical doctrines of self-defense and Liberty. Our Jr. Church will respond to the latest absurdities in the news of “toy gun” buy back programs by eunuch preachers and suspending elementary children for assault fingers, pop-tarts and cupcakes.

Our kids will be allowed to bear their “toy guns” to church and to fashion their own assault pop-tart. The winner of the assault pop-tart challenge, as determined by The Parson, will receive a gift card or an awesome toy gun. Our Sunday School teachers will be teaching from the Biblical texts about freedom, tyranny and the Christian’s duty to God, Country and Family.

Grace-Gospel Fellowship Church’s ‘2nd Amendment’ Sunday is in response to the Baltimore school that suspended one of their students for chewing his pop tart into the shape of a firearm.

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